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Case Study: Business Intelligence Platform Development Project

Business Situation

The big volume of data within our customer organization was overwhelming. Yet data alone could not give them a competitive edge.

The customer's business environment required a responsiveness that could only be achieved with timely and accurate insights into business conditions. To be successful, our customer needed rapid, easy access to the information about their finances, customers, and external market conditions.

Key Issues

The customer needed rich data analysis and data mining capabilities of the platform that would enable their customers to empower all of the critical, timely business information tailored to their specific information needs.


SoloSoft developed a complete business intelligence (BI) platform that provides the features, tools, and functionality to build analytical applications.

The following tools were developed as the components of a business intelligence system:

  • Extract, transformation, and load (ETL) tool
  • Relational data warehouse uses leading databases)
  • Data mining tool
  • Reporting tool (OLAP)
  • Database development tools (Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, etc)
  • Database management tools (SQL Server tools)

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