Business Intelligence

E-Business Intelligence and Offshore Development

We have developed a comprehensive framework that enables e-business intelligence for organizations. It provides powerful business insights and helps them build lasting relationships with customers.

This framework offers a methodology for:

  • Data cleaning and ETL
  • Data access, analysis and reporting
  • Integration with external data and businessdatabases

The framework's features include:

  • Customer analytics: Organizations are provided with a precise, 360 degree view of online customers. Customers are profiled based on their demographics, browsing behavior, purchase history, etc. This helps in the measurement of customer attrition rate, customer profitability, etc.

  • Marketing and e-sales: This feature allows organizations to develop focused marketing strategies to target customers effectively. Target marketing is enabled through analyses of market segmentation, cross-sell/up-sell opportunity identification, lead qualification, measurement of online campaign effectiveness, prediction of customer propensity to buy, shopping cart analysis for product/category management and measurement of sales organization performance.

  • Portal Management: This provides a set of analyses that provide insights into web site activity. This in turn helps improve web site effectiveness and manage future growth.