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France Telecom Chooses SolovatDesign to Develop Video Editing Tool for Orange Web Site
Outsourcing Software Development company SolveITLabs (SolovatDesign) has completed another outsourced IT project for France Telecom. The company needed a simple and efficient way to add video to their web site without needing an IT department. Solve IT Labs created a powerful system to make it simple to add, organize, edit and manage media audio/video mixes.

Six Offshore Outsourcing Hot Spots for 2010
CIO - Industry watchers predict an increase in offshore IT outsourcing in the new year. But 2010 is hardly expected to be a banner year for offshoring-better than 2009 but far from historic growth levels.

How to use outsourcing to boost your IT career in 2010
Interest in cloud computing, managed services and SaaS reached new heights during the downturn in 2009, and industry watchers suggest the various sourcing options will also drive high-tech hiring decisions into 2010 as IT departments need to consider all technology delivery vehicles on the road to economic recovery.

IT Outsourcing: Don't Get Caught in Multi-Sourcing's Costly Trap
Multisourcing, or spreading work among several service providers, can offer many advantages to IT shops, from competitive pricing and increased flexibility to access to a deeper pool of talent. But working with multiple vendors can also mean exit costs are multiplied if the arrangement doesn't work out, warns Bob Mathers, principal consultant with Compass Management Consulting.

Social Networking Mobile Platform - NetworX Mobile
NetworX Mobile, a social media and networking mobile platform for businesses, will extend the service and allow users to share their comments and experience with friends from any mobile device or carrier. Our solution can grow with your business by enabling you to connect to your customers in new ways. Your can get access to your customer's thoughts and ideas and get quick feedback on each marketing campaign..

Offshore Staffing for $3695 per month per full-time expert employee.
Solovatsoft gained the knowledge and savings that U.S. consulting companies have been leveraging for years. The average US based consulting company charges $75-$120 per hour for work that can be sent offshore at $22-$30 per hour. This model has driven the cost of software development through the roof.

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January 7, 2010
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January 7, 2010
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