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SolovatDesign is happy to announce the release of Mobile Electronic Medical Record system — native iPhone/Android application based on XML Web service.

The EMR Suite is a program for tracking patients, prescriptions, visits and labs results. Using EMR application on iPhone or Android allows physicians to respond more rapidly to patient needs wherever and whenever they arise.

Instant Access To Data
Ask one of your colleagues using an EMR about the speed of their system. The fact is: the most EMR software systems take up to 30 seconds to retrieve a patient medical record, and even longer to add to it. The mobile EMR boasts the fastest response times available. With full patient access in sub-second respond time you get instant results to your request.

Real Time Patient Updates
The app brings together clinical data, reference materials, and patient information from different applications within the hospital’s network — all in one simple mobile interface. Physicians for example no longer have to track down separate lab results or a critical test result from a different department.
The speed and performance of iPhone/Android and the app is a big benefit for patients because all the information is coming to their caregiver a lot faster.

Instant Messaging Included
Keeping in contact with your staff is a critical part of a medical practice. The mobile EMR includes instant messaging tool. Just select the staff member and type your message. They will be notified via chat message within seconds.

Secure Operations
Because of the company's need to protect both confidential hospital information and sensitive patient data, we used two levels of user authentication: password and PIN code.

Other Benefits
Combining mobile EMR with medical apps available on the App Store makes smartphone an even more powerful on-demand reference tool: you can use other apps on your phone to quickly discover whether the drugs might interact inappropriately with each other.

The intuitive interface enables physicians to focus on patients instead of grappling with technology. It's not about the difficulties. It's about having the right information at the right time.

Technology is growing fast and smartphones will soon become more integrated into the process of delivering care. A doctor is moving around, they’re going between the hospital, the office, and their home. The mobile device fits into the physician’s workflow. While personal visits will never go away, these could help reduce expenses of patients by eliminating redundant office visits.
Mobile applications could be used to provide access to care in under-served, rural areas in remote parts of the world as even in the most remote parts of the world, they may not have hospitals or clinics, but they have cell phone coverage.
With current price structures, mobile apps are more cost effective than a full Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Physicians are waiting for more interactive applications that increase their productivity.
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