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New iPhone eBook App Developed by SolovatDesign Helps Book Publisher Expand Marketing Channels.

A book publisher needed a powerful distribution tool to maintain contact with eBook buyers through the Internet and mobile devices. SolovatDesign designed and implemented a solution with a custom iPhone app, company website and web-based administration tool.

SolovatDesign has developed an iPhone Application to help book publisher ‘Happy About’ tap into a new market: mobile customers. The publisher recognized the need to engage readers and reach new customers for the THINKaha book series. The books focus on a target market that reads on the go. Each book provides timely, cutting-edge information from relevant experts in a fun, Twitter-brief format.

The books can be added/removed/modified instantly from web-based CMS and the iPhone application will update within seconds. The book content and images can also be uploaded in the back-end CMS for each specific book. The changes will be displayed on iPhone application immediately. This allows managing book inventory -- promoting some books for free and giving discount on others.

iPhone/Android application for web-based oncology clinical EMR

SolovatDesign has designed a native iPhone/Android application based on XML Web service. The system allows physicians to access their patients' information "on the go".

The app brings together clinical data, reference materials, and patient information from different applications within the hospital’s network — all in one simple mobile interface. Physicians for example no longer have to track down separate lab results or a critical test result from a different department.

The speed and performance of the iPhone/Android application is a big benefit for patients because all the information is coming to their caregiver a lot faster.

Live Streaming Video application for iPhone and Android, with live chat window

SolovatDesign has released the application that allows participating in the social experience to coincide with a TV show.

The application provides viewers with options to watch any show available on the website, and chat live with other viewers of the video streams they're watching.

Chat bubble icon on each video page indicates how many messages have come in. Users may join specific live text chats for each show, and send comments via Twitter or Facebook.

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