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Selling complex products/bundles online.
Create quotes and orders in minutes!

Web-based Product Configuration Tool for manufacturing company (Voice-over-IP equipment)

The project goal was to replace inconvenient Excel-based configuration tool with effective web-based system so dealers can request a price quote and additional information on any specific configuration via the internet.

Solovatdesign developed and implemented a tool to provide the best quote for a specific configuration quick and easy. The tool can be accessible via the company's Reseller Center the central portal for authorized resellers; itprovides informative screens that show all interface choices that are available for the company's products and services.

The solution simplifies and speeds up the ordering and delivery process.

Below are the major functional areas within Integrated Product Configuration Tool:

Product configuration

  • Loading bills of materials (BOMs)
  • Configuring products and modifying configurations
  • Modeling various discount scenarios - Discount Calculation.
  • Providing pricing information based on the global price list (GPL) for customer's country of business.
  • Validating configurations
  • Included items support
  • Bundles support

Configuration set management

  • Saving Config Sets to the database
  • Exporting Config Sets via a standard format (Extensible Markup Language [XML], .tsv, or .csv)
  • Acquiring and routing Config Sets
  • Acquiring Quotes
  • Searching for Config Sets
  • Deleting Config Sets

Native iPhone/iPad configuration tool for video appliance company

The main idea was to create native iPhone/iPad configuration application to help customers determine which company's product(s) best fit their needs.

The system is a client-server application with MySQL database on the back-end. It consists of mobile applet and web-based administration tool.

  • Admin portal is used for updating product info and calculation logic for mobile application (form creation tool).

    The system generates XML file which describes the GUI (including controls, their types and unique identifiers) and calculation logic for mobile configuration tool.
  • Client application (mobile configuration tool) in fact, is data collection tool for the iPhone and iPad, it takes input that the user provides then determines which product(s) best fit their need.

Web-based Product Configurator can help your company overcome complex business challenges; it enables you to get more business and reduce cost by automating much of your sales, order entry and calculations.

Product Configurator enables companies to efficiently sell and process orders for configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services.

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