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Online Video Editor for a Web Site.
Simplify the process of adding professional-looking video to your web site!

Video Editing Tool for Telecommunication Company

SolovatDesign, the leading provider of offshore outsourcing services, announced today a new web-based video editing tool that allows customers create their own video clips and publish it through social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The solution consists of video mixer tool for Orange's customers and moderation tool for France Telecom staff.

Video mixer provides advanced interactive rich–media functionality, including video uploading, importing, editing, remixing, and sharing. It comes in two modes: simple and advanced, both are extended modifications of open source solution from MovieMasher.

Video mixer is web-based, and a web browser with Adobe Flash gives an instant access to built-in video effects, transitions, filters, multitrack timeline, effects control window, text titles, etc.

  • The timeline supports basic drag and drop functionality to re-organize clips: the customer may copy, paste, cut & delete selected clips.
  • The user may apply different predefined transitions and effects and then preview the mix.
  • The user may add titles and set the start and end of appearance.
  • Ability to expand/collapse multitrack timeline.
  • Effects Control window shows the effects applied to a clip, and their individual parameters; it expands to provide a custom timeline for applying keyframes. The user can enable keyframing for any individual parameter, and then drop individual keyframes at any point in the timeline to modify its setting at that point.
  • Interface allows the user to record audio comments via his microphone while playing video mix, in real time.
  • The user may download video mix on his local machine or share it via Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.

Moderation tool allows administrators at France Telecom to bulk upload videos from various source files. All files, regardless of the source are then automatically converted to a common format.

Administrators can easily preview and edit video mixes, add names to groups of video and organize the video by topic.

Moderation tool allows managing user-generated videos: administrators may approve or reject user-generated video mixes for publishing on the website; edit or delete mixes from the system:

The solution is compatible with Amazon EC2 and Advection.NET hosting infrastructure.

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