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USB Redirection Device Driver

The USB Redirection system makes a wide variety of USB devices available across a network, using either a direct network connections or Windows Terminal Services

Remote Desktop Protocol. To use a remote USB device, users of the system will not have to perform any additional installation or configuration other than connecting to the remote USB device using the system.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Development Case Study

The developed remote virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) accessibility provides means to organize RDP connections to virtual PCs which are a part of remote VDI hosted by the majority of existing virtualization solutions such as VMWare Workstation, VMWare ESX and ESXi servers, Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft Virtual PC.

The proposed solution provides secure access from Internet to VDI via traffic redirection tools and corresponding client libraries.

Bluetooth Keyboard Drivers For Mobile Devices

A set of device drivers was developed to reside on target devices (phones/PDA’s) that would allow the PDA/Phone to receive input from Bluetooth Keyboard, via the Bluetooth link (using SPP).

Supported Platforms: S60 2nd and 3rd editions, UIQ 2.1 and UIQ3, Palm, Windows Mobile, RIM (Blackberry)

SSL Gateway Development

The Developed solution provides connect proxy functionality to support connections to Windows Terminal Services via Remote Desktop Connection Protocol and HTTP redirect proxy for Web-IT and Broker Services access.

Remote Access Portal for Win32

Remote Access Portal Win32 U3 allows users to connect to computers within remote LAN via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and run applications according to user permissions level. With this application users can connect to remote personal work environment from any place in the world using any laptop.


Device Driver Development Services
» Sample Estimate of 64 TIFF Printer Driver
PDF document
» Sample of Device Driver Analysis document
PDF document
» Development of Automated Guided Vehicles System to provide inventory control, automatic storage and transport of paper rolls
Case Study
Below is a list of device driver areas where our team has domain expertise:
» Win32, Windows CE at DDK level;
» Linux at kernel and device driver level;
» Porting device drivers between any of the above OS;
» Symbian EPOC-32 mobile OS;
» Serial devices: RS232C, RS422, IrDA and USB;
» Plug 'n Play.