Unix Programming

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March 22-25, 2010 CTIA Wireless Conference and Tradeshow 2010 (Las Vegas, NV)
SolovatDesign is participating as an exhibitor at 2010 CTIA conference. Please visit us at the booth 3659

Unix Programming

Case Studies:

Remote Access Portal for Linux

Linux-based client application which supports connections to vWorkspace servers (VAS servers). Combines full feature set of RDP client, vWorkspace client and SSL Gateway client (uses OpenSSL to provide this support).

OEM Spam Filtering Engines

SolveITLabs designed and developed a solution which contained multiple spam filtering engines that offered information actuality, up-to-date categorization, scalability, reliability, framework flexibility and extensibility, along with the ability to scan as many URLs for as many categories/fraudulent practices/phishing/spam/viruses/etc. as possible.

USB Redirection Driver

The USB Redirection system makes a wide variety of USB devices available across a network, using either a direct network connections or Windows Terminal Services Remote Desktop Protocol. To use a remote USB device, users of the system will not have to perform any additional installation or configuration other than connecting to the remote USB device using the system.

Server virtualization requires more than just sharing and balancing access to CPU, RAM and disk space. An important component missing from many virtualization solutions is shared access to the explosion of USB devices, not only printers but scanners, cameras, webcams, CD and DVD burners, and an ever-expanding list of new devices. Our systems engineers created a solution to share USB devices not just within a single operating-system family, but across multiple operating systems and environments.

For example, one user can plug a USB scanner into his Macintosh and his neighbor can use it on his Windows machine as if it were plugged in locally.